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This is the  website for  38degrees Haringey affiliated to the seriously influential national campaigning group 38 Degrees. See  www.38degrees.org.uk  38degrees Haringey campaigns on health services locally and to ensure the  NHS remains a high quality public service. We oppose any threats to democratic public services and institutions. See ABOUT US for how we started and more information.

This site has details of  local meetings, our Campaigns – and Resources and News.

We meet about once a month in the Haringey area and are linked to other local groups. At our last meeting we took stock on what we had achieved and how to go forward.


Will the NHS have a 70th birthday on July 5th 2018? 

The NHS is 69 on July 5th  2017. To celebrate the occasion  Haringey ‘Keep Our NHS Public’  handed  out cakes,  apples  and balloons in  Wood Green on 2 July  to  wish the NHS  ‘Happy Birthday’ and to thank health workers for keeping the service going.

We also gave out information about   leaked  plans for  further devastating cuts in  services in Haringey and  neighbouring boroughs. More information about these  see:  https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jun/20/leak-shows-devastating-impact-of-planned-nhs-cuts-in-london )

The birthday bash coincided with  the end of our  picture exhibition at  Wood Green Library,   ‘How Come We Didn’t Know’,  which vividly demonstrates  how large corporations  are taking over the NHS.

Big thanks to the library staff ,  who were more than helpful, to Morrisons, who  donated  over 400 cup  cakes, and to all those who made it happ

Pictures of the birthday bash under the Gallery tab.


38 Degrees Haringey is flexible and democratic. You can join by contacting Rod Wells, coordinator, at  rodwells1@hotmail.co.uk.